By the age of 40, regardless of gender, the body starts to age faster than normal. Without proper nutrients and exercise the body will age about 6 months extra for every year that passes by. This means that by the age of 44 you could feel and look as if you were 48; by the time you hit 60 you could look and feel as if you are 70. You see this every day just look around and observe all the people who appear to be older than they are.

90% of those over the age of 35 lose enough muscle each year that could burn off an additional 4 pounds of body fat. This means you are losing the only thing on the body that creates, strength, shape, and tone along with gaining more fat each year even if caloric intake stays the same.  But this is all reversible at any age, there are specific ways to move, think, and eat to tell the brain to stop the accelerated aging process and even slow it down. Some have even been able to slow it down to the point where they are aging less than a year for each passing year; meaning you may look and feel younger at 50 then you did at 40.

This isn’t fantasy, this is true and does not require a metric boat load of anti-aging drugs, surgery, supplements, or gimmicks. It works regardless of gender or age, the biology is the same. It always begins with a few key principles that must be applied to stop the rapid onset of aging that is happening in the body right now to begin restoring the body’s natural youth hormones.

This may go against all of the conventional diets and exercise advice you have been told, but this is because for the most part the world has gone soft. Hot yoga, spin classes, tai chi, pilates, and core training are just fine, but the will not slow aging, and they may never shape the muscles or burn off those areas of stubborn body fat.

Forget about all those low fat diets that are the fad these days. Look around at what non-wonders this has done for the bodies you see, we are sicker, fater, and more addicted to carbs and sugar than any other point in history. Fats need not be feared, they help the body to regenerate power hormones, and cholesterol isn’t a bad word, the body needs fat and cholesterol to produce any and all vital hormones. Those on low fat diets tend to look weak, drawn, and gaunt. These people are often sick and they can never just enjoy a meal, every gram must be accounted for adding extra stress to the day.

Gym classes can be great if you like staying in one place, and treadmills do very little to help reverse aging processes. There is a better, more smart way to contribute to exercise programs that takes about one quarter of the time of traditional workouts. People do not get fat because of age, they get fat because of what they eat, how they think, and lack of movement. Challenge is what keeps the body and mind young, the best challenge happens when you become positive and take control of your health and body.

Most importantly water is not simply just good for you, you absolutely need it, it helps the body function, it burns fat, suppresses hunger, renews the skin, and keeps you alive. 12 ounce of pure water each day can help to take a few years off your appearance, help you to drop fat, and have more energy, as well as helping to save the kidneys and liver from chronic overwork.  If the kidneys are taxed from not enough water the liver has to step in which isn’t smart as that is the number one fat burning organ in the body; the liver is more important than many people realize.

If you do not do any physical activity at all you are going to lose muscle tissue, that’s a fact. This means you will get fatter and flabbier with less shape and more sag. The answer is some old school resistance training. Muscle burns calories, even when at rest, the more you have the more you can eat. Those that do resistance training look the best, youngest, toned, and have the least amount of unwanted flab.

Resistance training has specific exercises that can be done in a matter of minutes to help you to target key areas and accomplish results. These are hard work, but can produce results fast. You do not need to lift massive amounts of weights for hours a day. Combined with the proper nutrition that comes from a well balanced diet, thinking positive, being active, and exercise, resistance training can help to slow the aging process.

There are plenty of certified health professionals including trainers and nutritionist that will work with you to come up with a plan, and make sure that you are doing it correctly if you think this is too hard of a task to do on your own. You don’t even need to have to buy a big expensive service package, most will sit down and help you with a plan in a session or two. Some even provide this service to seniors at little to no cost, they are out there if you look, waiting to help.

Numerous studies show time and time again the benefits of diet, nutrition, physical activity, and exercise or the consequences of lack thereof. Simply put there are no free rides, short cuts, or magic pills, you need to actually do some mental and physical work and earn it. Your mind and body will not only look better, but feel better too.


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