The stem cell industry is growing very fast.  More doctors are implementing stem cells in their practice. When we first started doing stem cell therapy, there was only one other practice in the Delaware Valley that was doing stem cell therapy.  Now there are over 15 practices in the Philadelphia area that are utilizing stem cells, but therapy is fraught with frequent failure.  There are advertisements on the web for stem cells that offer cures for a number of diseases.  At the Art of Pain Management and Regenerative Medicine, we only treat people who we think will be helped.  Of the people we treat, the majority get better.  Most of the people who do not improve have unhealthy lifestyles.   

After doing stem cell therapy for nearly 2 years and conventional interventional pain management for 10 years, we have noticed a common thread among patients that do well.  The common thread is the general health of the patient.  An injection of healthy stem cells or exosomes into an unhealthy body will result in little benefit.  Excessive alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking, corticosteroid use, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication, chronic systemic inflammation, and elevated glucose levels impede the healing process.  These conditions or issues need to be addressed before stem cell therapy will be effective. 

Our office will provide you with suggestions to help you adopt a healthy lifestyle.  

Jarrad Teller , BS, DCMichael J. Schina, Jr , MD

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